Hey Guys!

So clearly I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of posting on my blog… :/

First of all… my apologies… I’m have this horrible problem with consistency :/.. yeah i know it makes sound irresponsible lol in many ways, but i definitely deal with this problem.

What I do want to share with you guys is this…

The Power of Concentration

Since i have such a problem with consistency, which comes from concentration, because my mind is always shooting off new ideas or topics, I particularly needed this.. so i sought out some knowledge on this topic.

*** “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q. Dumont originally publish in 1918 – In case you want to read the book yourself ***

So clearly not being able to concentrate in most people’s opinions is considered “A.D.D” or “A.D.H.D”… and I’ve seriously considered that, but after much deliberation I realized that the only thing doctors or anyone will do is give you the pharmaceutical and “controlled” version of Speed…. yeah.. that’s not gonna do much help.

So there’s gotta be another answer… well i found it.. it’s called Concentration.

I used to think that once you gain the knowledge, the rest is easy, but in reality… gaining knowledge is easier than it’s ever been before. In 2009, more information was put out on the internet, than all the knowledge and information combined in History… WHAT? I can’t even comprehend that!

The real struggle in any challenge in life comes AFTER you know what to do… which is DOING it… This is where concentration is soo vital. The issue with concentration is like any other exercise that you do… it needs practice.. and if you want to be great at anything then you must practice that “sport” day in and day out… dedicate your entire life to it, and maybe… just maybe then you’ll achieve greatness in that “sport.”

Concentration is much like that, except for the fact that once you master concentration, you have the ability to conquer anything, because to achieve success in anything two things are needed… Clarity… Clarity on WHAT you want/need to do, and Clarity on HOW you’re going to do it. The rest is having enough concentration to do it. But in the real world, this is almost never the case… even gaining clarity requires a ton of concentration.

The main issue with concentration is it requires calmness and control… control of your emotions. And being an emotionally driven person, rather then logically driven, this is especially hard for me. There are things that people do, that stimulate people’s emotions… for example adrenaline junkies, or alcoholics, or even people who easily get angry… these are all forms of losing control of your emotions.

So the first and most important lesson to learn in concentration is to keep ALL your emotions under control, which believe me I struggle with as well… everyone does.. some more than others.

I leave you with something my father told me long ago.. and i never really understood the meaning behind it, until perhaps now…

“Don’t make any promises when you’re excited, and Don’t make any decisions when you’re angry”




Hey GUys!

I totally know I’ve been lazy about posting on the blog…:/ But I’ve been extremely busy with developing a product on personal development so check out this video… i figured it’s definitely much easier than typing it all out! =)



Thanks Guys!


JEffERy S. WatSOn, EsQ.

Guys, I’m going to tell you about someone who Haaris and I look up to a lot! In fact he’s basically a celebrity lol

Jeff Watsonthe top short sale lawyer in the country. Sounds cool right? well it is… he is lol

Jeff is a very good friend of mine and although i only get to see him a hand full of times a year, it’s something i really look forward to! Jeff is a mal practice lawyer… he sues doctors lol and he’s amazing at it! But that’s not what Jeff is all about…. he’s a celebrity in the real estate world… that’s how i ended up meeting him.

Jeff is one of the smartest people that I have ever met… and here’s the story (and many more to come) of how we met and the beginnings of how we developed a great friendship!

So after we started reading Josh Cantwell and Greg Clement’s Short Sale Manifesto… i wrote about it on this post… we pretty much got obsessed with the real estate business… Haaris and I were eating, breathing, and sleeping this stuff…. all we did in school was read these guys’ material that they would put up on their membership site. lol I don’t think they even knew we existed at that time.

Then Jeff Watson was introduced to us through some webinar or something…. and there you had it…. Haaris was totally obsessed with Watson (our nick name for him :P). So was I but, Haaris being someone who likes law (because he LOVES to argue, not to mention always beat his opponents lol – something Watson does very well) was now totally reading up laws and all sorts of boring stuff that you and i would probably never want to even look at!

Then we ran into Watson at a conference we attended that he was speaking at…. now understand… Watson has two different personalities; on stage and off stage lol don’t get me wrong, he’s not schizophrenic or anything lol but he is much more “stern”. So when approaching Watson, we were thinking that this guy will be like every other lawyer… cruel, weird, and totally expressionless LOL

But to our surprise this guy was totally COOL and we totally hit it off! We met again months later at a few other events hosted by SREC, but what was totally awesome about Jeff was when he would fly into Chicago he’d always look us up and being the time haugs we are, we’d always squeeze a couple of hours out of him (Sorry Watson.. we love you!:))

If i had never signed up with Strategic Real Estate Coach, i would have never had the opportunity or pleasure of befriending such an amazing guy! SREC has definitely been a connection for Haaris and I, and our business to meeting absolutely amazing people as well as learn a ton of stuff about life and business from these people along with SREC.

Here’s the BEST part about meeting and learning from Watson:

Haaris and I were meeting with a few real estate agents to set up an affiliation with their brokerage so moving forward we could do business together on properties they were listing… we were totally excited, but nervous. After going through some bureaucracy we end up setting up a meeting with the brokerage’s top attorney. So we all get there (6 of us total)… and the attorney being a younger guy walks in all macho, and before we met him, we already knew that he didn’t like our business model so this was going to be a tough meeting. He sits down and basically says how he’s all big and cool and how he does a lot of business.

We start the meeting with him bashing on our business model (he didn’t even know what our deal structuring exactly was – but he assumed.. uh oh!) and then heard me out… I proceeded to  explain our business model to this guy and in the middle of me talking he stops me and says… “well i have 3 major problems with this model.. i already know what this is”. First of all, i wanted to whop his but for that, but him being a lawyer i really didn’t want to get sued lol so i shut up. Secondly, he didn’t know what the model was lol and then the fireworks started :)… man i wish i could have recorded what happened from that moment going forward!

Haaris had been sitting there the entire time, just listening to this guy talk and make all these stupid remarks and false representations of our business model and deal structuring and then he talked! lol Haaris started asking this guy questions, and it was like pealing the skin of a banana…one by one how i like to put it… “haaris took this guy’s pants off” LOL (not literally) What i remember the most was how this guy used a piece of literature as his “ammo” to beat us… while what he didn’t know was haaris used that SAME piece of literature to whop his butt!…the attorney didn’t read the entire piece of guidelines and haaris did… if he had read all of it, he would have known that it favors us, not him! lol Pretty un-prepared for such a big shot lawyer!

So anyways everything that happened that day in that meeting was all thanks to Mr. Jeff Watson’s teachings, practices, and information that allowed haaris (who’s not a lawyer, and a pretty young guy) to not let this big shot lawyer point out even ONE thing that was wrong or illegal!

So ladies and gentlemen…. you NEVER know what life might bring you, who it might introduce you to, and how such a small connection can be so big for you… so when meeting new people, don’t judge them (although innately you do), instead make great relationships with people, because you never know what this connection might do for you in the future.

I know this maybe wasn’t the most “productive” post for the audience, but it was something i wanted to share with you guys about my life and this very special guy named Jeff Watson!


UmMmm…ThaT wAs AwKwARd

Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

This is post is by a very charismatic person, who I’ve had the pleasure of talking with and learning about!

Her name is Nudrat =) She’s a totally awesome person who’s extremely passionate about helping people…. so adding her to LiFE lArGeR ThAn LiFE was supper exciting for us!

Nudrat is someone who is passionate about Humanitarian Law… and wants to help people across the world using her super duper cool and amazing skills in law! 😛 Considering you have to read a lot in law school…. she’s definitely passionate about helping people because lol i won’t be reading soo many boring books unless it was for a true purpose!

This is part of her facebook bio lol… so you can tell she’s a happy go lucky person 😉

“I am Nudrat Zoha, and i like making people happy :)”

So Check it out…. and look forward to her bubbly and cool personality with random thoughts that will definitely go a long way or just make you smile and make your day a whole lot better! =)


HI EvErYOnE! I’m Nudrat!

This past weekend, I was invited to and attended a charity lunch for OPEN Chicago. The goal of the event was to raise awareness and gather donations for the victims of the flood in Pakistan. It was a beautiful event with, auctions, charity, performances by Pakistani artists like Iqbal Theba from Glee and that one guy who plays a terrorist in the first Iron Man movie; um I believe his name is Farhan Tahir (Thank You IMDB!!) I only noticed him in the movie because he talked in Urdu and the subtitles were kinda very different from what he was actually saying. OMG this reminds me, did you know he went to Harvard! How cool is that! People from Harvard just fascinate me so much. I spent the afternoon staring at him as if he was an alien, I’m pretty sure he saw me and felt uncomfortable. Oops?!?

I always get side tracked. The point of this post was to share with you the most awkward situation I have ever faced to this day. Being a charity event, my entire family attended this event. The lunch was delicious (Salad, Brown Rice & Fish…maybe I was just very hungry cuz I didn’t have time for breakfast) and the entertainment was pretty cool. BUT THEN, the special guest of the event was invited on to the stage: Aasif Mandvi. I have seen him before on the Daily Show several times. His act started off with hilarious jokes.

My sister and I found ourselves gasping for air from laughing too much…and out of nowhere his jokes took a strange turn. His jokes went from being G rated to SUPER R rated.


I don’t know if they really werethat bad but sitting next to my parents while he performed made them seem incredibly inappropriate. I felt guilty laughing at some of the jokes because I knew my parents were watching me…but I couldn’t help it.

If I held back my laugh and looked serious, people around me would think I am too dumb to understand what he was saying and if I laughed too much, my parents will give me THE LOOK. You know the look that expresses much more than words can. So yeah, that was extremely awkward.

The point of this story is not to discourage people from liking Aasif Mandvi or think his jokes are lame or anything. The moral of the story is to make sure you know who will be performing at an event, before it happens and pick your seats accordingly. Had I not been sitting shoulder to shoulder with my mother, I would not be posting this. Overall, a very fun event – and thanks to the awkward moment, I beat 3 levels on Angry Birds! Go Aasif! 😀

– Nudrat


The goal of LiFE LaRGeR ThaN LiFE is definitely much more than to help anyone one person on the planet… it’s mission is to achieve what no one has yet achieved…. it’s delivering the concept of purpose and passion to everyone that is on this planet…

Our belief is that everyone that has ever lived, is living or will live has at least ONE idea that can entirely change the world! BUT… only a fraction of a percentage of people every end up pursuing their passion and changing the world for everyone to reap the benefits… we’re here to change that!

But we’re not “hoping” to change this for the people in affluent countries, our mission is to change this for EVERYONE in the world… in other words even for people in “3rd world countries”

So i was sharing this mission with a friend of mine today and his initial response was the one i usually receive when sharing this with people that have been to or are from 3rd world countries…

“How can they even think about  purpose and passion when these people are just barely surviving? They’re struggling to put food on the table, so if they get that much for the day, that’s more than enough for them!”

While this is true, frankly…. who the hell gave me, you or anyone the right to decide who should “just survive” and who should live abundantly? No one did!

No one has the right to keep someone else down just because they’re barely able to feed themselves and their families… do these people not have any passion(s) or ambition(s)?? Hell yeah they do! Everyone does!

The coolest thing about passion is typically this… it usually much bigger than the person pursuing it… and… it usually stems from the idea of helping people in the best way one can.

So… if you’re reading this post… you’re MORE than abundantly living to find and use your passion to help people! (if you’ve already found your passion and are pursing it… then lol please share it on here… i get super excited reading about people :P)

The saddest thing about people is that most people whether struggling to put food on the table or making good money ARE “just surviving”… 70% of America (the most affluent country in the world) lives pay check to pay check… have you ever wondered why??? It’s because people live absolutely meaningless lives… so they just end up “surviving”

I’ll tell you this much….. surviving is just not enough for you or anyone! The manifestation of your dreams is something that we read about in stories of “great”  people who went out and changed the world and left legacies behind…. my question to you is….


WHY can’t YOU be part of this group of “great” people???? Think about it….






WhAt Is LOvE! BaBY DonT HuRt mE ;)

What is love
Oh baby, don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more
Oh, baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more

Haddaway Baby! What an awesome love song! =) If you really have an urge to listen to the song… click here

So i finished watching this chick flick movie with Hilary Duff in it… “Beauty & The Briefcase”
I know… i’m super sensitive 😉 lol

Well I am probably the biggest cynic of love who watches the most romantic and chick flick movies that has ever been born…. I’m proud of it! =)

So….. WhAt Is LOvE??

I’ve gotta say…. I HAVE NO IDEA! lol

But here’s what I do know….

It’s going to kick your ass up and down the field! That’s for sure…because when you’re in love (I’ve “been” before) nothing else matters, but that person…. what their feeling, how they’re doing, what they’re doing… everything about that person is soooo fascinating to you… you’re obsessed!

When Love does happen to you… i would imagine it happens like this…..123 love and BAM! you’re in love! Now you might say, heck no! it took years of fighting with “my love” for me to realize i was in love with him/her! Well yeah…. it can take you years to REALIZE that you’re in love with someone, but that does not mean that you’re not in love with them… love comes with signs…here’s a few:

1. You can’t get the person of your mind (for good or bad reasons)
2. You laugh or cry because of this person
3.  You’ve imagined your whole life with this person and you really like how the next 30 years will play out (typically, only applicable to women ;)… men just don’t think that far haha)
4. You’ve done something stupid because of this person (typically for them or for their attention)
5. Every thing is moving in slow motion around this person for you (Only in the movies)
6. You apparently love the small things about them
7. You think about them before you go to sleep… or you lie awake for hours because you’re thinking about them

Ok so if i may… i’ve got to share this movie’s story with you…here’s the short version

This girl.. Lane.. Has a check list for her perfect man! Can you believe it?!? I’ve got to find out if women actually do this!

Well Anyhow… she’s been single for a very long time and is always complaining about how all the good men in new york are either taken or gay lol well she finally finds her “perfect” man… except… he’s faking the entire thing! lol I’ve gotta say, he’s definitely someone i’d look up to when scoring on this check list! lol

Well then the usual boring guy has been there through out whole movie and then she has the sudden realization that she’s in love with him… and whoptydo… they’re in love!

I don’t think it really works out anything like this in real life… what most people would imagine is somewhere in the middle of that, because in the “real world” you “compromise”… well i totally disagree… YOU HAVE THE EXACT LOVE LIFE YOU WANT

That’s just how it is… you’re not compromising… in my opinion your subconscious mind already knows EXACTLY what it wants in your perfect opposite mate… it’s your conscious that’s collecting all this “data” or qualities from the world and trying to add it to YOUR check list of your perfect mate… that’s right… everyone’s got one!

The reason people take soo much time to “fall in love” is because they’ve built this conscious expectation of what they’d want the person they fall in love with to look and be like, but really that’s a load of crap. In reality majority of the qualities that we want, we really don’t want. It’s only a few of those qualities or should i say…. check points… that you’re looking for.

When you “compromise” in the “real world” you’re really not compromising or settling for anything… you’re removing all the load of crap you’ve built in your head about this perfect person and accepting what you TRULY want in this person.

Here’s a very easy way to check… go through all the qualities on your “check list” and really imagine yourself with a person with that quality… the initial response will obviously be… HELL YEAH… but what you’ve got to imagine is something that would “void” that quality… and if that quality not being there makes you truly happy and makes your really smile, then you know that quality is not something you’re really looking for.

For example…. you might think that you want a guy with a six pack… while it’s nice to have someone with a six pack, imagine you marrying this person and then this person getting a gut! lol i know it sucks to imagine that, but if that gut being there, does nothing to upset you besides the fact of being upset about the fact that you really don’t care about the six pack in your perfect man, then you really don’t care about that six pack at the end of the day… follow me?? 😉

Try this…. see if it helps… if it does…. make a comment and call me the love guru… if it doesn’t help… message me and tell me how to make it better =)

But then again; What is Love? This is one of my super random posts… so please excuse me for not making this the point driven post I’m usually trying to make.

Love (lol… get it?)


So the coolest thing happened to me today….

I woke up… relaxed…. really relaxed… i didn’t have a care in the world for what i had to do today. Singing in the shower… wont make you hear it … {i sing too well for normal ears to understand ;)}

All of a sudden it’s 9:25am (i’m still not ready) and i have to be at an appointment at 10:30am and it about 45 mins away… i still had to go to the office, which was about 20 mins away in traffic, drop Haaris(my twin) off, pick up some paperwork and then go from there….

So check this out… we leave at 9:35am…. as soon as we get on the road a cop pulls up in front of us and while Haaris normally drives like he’s driving a Ferrari with no speed limits on the road, now he had to drive like he was driving a beater car that would break down if we went past 35mph (haaris is usually driving 60 on this road 😛 – if you’re a local cop.. you didnt read this)… so it ends up actually taking us 20 mins to get to the office.

By the time we reach the office and i finally take off it’s 10:05am… my appointment is in 25 mins and i’m 45 mins away!

I’m on the road having the usual road rage when people are driving “slow” or “stupid” according to your perception, specially when you’re running late… screaming my head off… just started the day off bad…. not to mention my twin was giving me attitude for making him late to the office (like he had billions of dollars at stake).

The SUDDEN Thought

I watched THE SECRET this past week… not even all of it… just the first 30 mins…and for those of you that haven’t seen it or have seen it let me explain what i took out of it:

Your thoughts charged by your feelings or emotions… WILL translate into actually material things that you can hold in your hand or touch or translate into actual things that you want to happen… IN OTHER WORDS…. instead of focusing on what you don’t want…. you NEED to focus on what you DO want.

So i gave this a try… i turned up the music…played a “happy” song that i liked (keep in mind this was all forced; i was super angry at people driving around me)…and then i started saying… I WILL MAKE IT. i was saying that i will make there on time, so the stress of not being there on time vanished… and then i became all hyper and happy and had a great ride there… but that’s not the cool part…


I pulled in the drive way at 10:29am!!! WHAT! I’m not gonna say how fast i was driving… it’s not as fast as you might think… but it’s definitely not in the speed limit 😉 it was a consistent number through out lol

So this is my FIRST experience in APPLYING the law of attracting PRACTICALLY in my life… and it worked like a charm! not to mention the guy that i was supposed to meet was 15 mins late =)

So ladies…. and gentlemen… you guys NEED to focus on what you WANT, not what you don’t want… you will get exactly what you’re thinking about. So stop being the grumpy, angry person and just smile and think about the things that you want in your life… (they say it’s that simple).

To a life of fulfillment and happiness!




I came and sat down in panera… wrote down a few ideas i’ve been thinking off for the past few days, pulled out my laptop, popped open youtube and scrolled down to the “recommendation” section and I see this video…

I watched it… and watched it again… and watched it again… and again… and again…. till i watched it 10 times.

I’ve heard that when you’re in a presentation, you only retain 10% of what the speaker says… the rest needs to be reviewed over and over again…. so applying that rule to almost everything, when i really want to learn something or incorporate it in my subconscious… i watch it, or read it, or do it, at least 10 times.



My whole life I’ve always wanted to be different…. ahead
of everyone…. if everyone was going north, i wanted to go
straight south! Talk about segregation… i guess here, i did it to
myself… You know what the coolest part about life is?? The
blissful friendships we create from elementary school to high
school and college. Well for me, even though i was in high school,
and college, i was never really there… i just never fit in the
“system” – always the guy that stuck out, some in bad ways, but
mostly how i saw it, in good ways. Not to mention i have a twin so
we tend to really stick out when we’re challenging the status quo,
which we’ve developed a habit of doing quite often 😉 Well the cool
thing about my life is and always has been (which i appreciate
tremendously) is my exposure, friendship, and connection to
extraordinary people…super successful people… amazing people…
people that make you think and question things in ways you’ve never
thought of before…. a very big majority of these people are my
friends that i particularly know in the dynamic real estate
industry…… specifically, the SREC Family! =) (Strategic Real Estate
Coach) Here’s what SREC does; if you are one of the people in the
U.S. today that says, “omg (oh my god), the real estate market sucks, blah blah
blah”… these guys (there are girls too lol =)) prove you wrong
everyday! They’re all rebels! They have found ways around the most
complex problems that have come up in real estate, still find
solutions today (i see it myself daily), and you bet your a** they
will continue too for the many years to come! Well SREC has changed my life in more
dramatic ways that i can even begin to count – and i would say in
ways that i don’t even know. The first time SREC (i talked about
it, like it’s the first girl i had a crush on lol) walked into my
life was my a e-book/report called, “The Short Sale Manifesto” –
this was an report that my friends Josh
and Greg
wrote for real estate investors that were
struggling in the market trying to buy and sell houses as they were
dropping in price faster than a guy hanging from a parachute with a
hole in it! Well it happened to be that my brothers and i were one
of these fools that were struggling. Heres the back story…

Haaris (my twin) and I started reading
this e-book in school, virtually in almost every class. We
basically used to just take our school books around with us to look
like we were “paying attention” in class. We would sit in class,
always make good friends with the teachers so they would cut us
some slack (i know very manipulative ;0) and then open our class
book, and put the pages we were reading of this e-book (i printed
it – i print everything) in the middle of our class books so
it wouldn’t look like we were reading something random. And here’s
something along the lines of what we heard from virtually every
teacher in school….”you have soo much potential, but you don’t
pay attention, you don’t show up to class, and you don’t do your
homework”… well sorry to all those teachers, but that e-book
marked the beginning of something ridiculously amazing that i can
only attempt to tell you in a series of post on this

So if you’re a real estate investor or a
“wanna be” real estate investor, check out SREC But none the less, life has flown
by very fast for me… and it just gets faster and faster! Talk to
you more about this on the next post on “All aBouT Me”

SaLeS ThAt RoCKEd My WOrLd

Hi Guys,

Here’s the beginning of something I promised my friend Jason Cupp I would do… I’m going to share my life with you… so here we go…

Well first of all, for those of you that don’t know…I am a twin… identical. We’ll talk more about that later… but what I want to share with you are little, little stories of my life along with what I’ve learned from them.

“A smart person is someone who learns from their mistakes, a wise person is someone who learns from other’s mistakes” – Not that everything i’m going to share with you is a mistake lol… they’re just my experiences.

Ever since I was 13, I’ve been working… started off as a stock boy at my uncle’s shoe store… got paid very little in dollars ($10/day for 12 hour days), but got paid like a millionaire in experience and knowledge…. Today I can confidently say that I can tell what a person is like by the type of shoes to wear 😉 (something I learned from my uncles)

I soon learned how to be an excellent salesperson, work the sales floor, and make customers feel comfortable buying their shoes; it was mostly a men’s shoe store. I was 14 or 15 when I was beating guys 2 to 5 times my age in sales numbers… of course i felt like a  star lol but what I didn’t know was how much more I was learning – paid off in millions (dollars) later on in life. –

Caution: curses of knowing shoes is you end up always liking the $300 – $400 shoes because you understand quality =)


Customer walks in… I walk up to the customer… say “Hi, may I help you?” <— one of the worst opening questions to ask a customer when they first walk in! Customer looks at me, gives me a pity smile and says, “No thanks, just looking” …. yeah i know you’re looking smarta**, you’re in a shoe store for crying out loud! Anyhow, I back off, and go stand behind the counter.

My Uncle comes up to me and says, “go up to him and stand close to him”…. WHAT? the guy just said “just looking”, i can’t just go up to him and stand close by, it’ll make him feel uncomfortable; better yet, it’ll make me feel extremely uncomfortable! So I asked my uncle why and his response was “Just go” in a very mono tone(to me it was scary). I call my uncle “Salauddin Taya” in our language (urdu) (Salauddin was his name and ‘Taya’ means dad’s older brother) – this guy was like a coconut; extremely tough on the out side and mushy on the inside, but being the scardey cat i was, i quietly nodded, and walked up to the guy; talk about a hard place and a rock!

The guy looked at me walking up, picked up a shoe he’d been staring at for a few mins, looked back at me questioning himself if he should even talk to me, and then just asked me for my opinion on the shoe himself. We ended up having a couple of laughs, he bought two shoes and a belt and i threw in 2 socks on the house. Be advised it doesn’t work like this every time – it worked for me though and something clicked in my head, which is why i remember this story so clearly.

Here’s what I learned…

My opening line absolutely sucked! So my uncle used to force me to keep making more attempts at approaching customers that walked in the door, so i could eventually learn how to approach people confidently and in a charming manner, so they wouldn’t just shut me out as soon as they looked at me. The result? I have absolutely no problem going up to anyone today and striking a conversation about the most random things =) and i credit the root of that to my uncle! Thanks Salaudding Taya!

Side Story

Before High school, i was a very shy kid. Besides the group of close friends that i had (close to 20 of them – we were always in the same classes growing up) i didn’t have the guts to open my mouth around people i didn’t know. Well if you know me now, you probably won’t believe me, because you’ll that i make a fool out of myself, laugh with everyone else and everyone else is at easy pretty quickly after that lol… so what helped me change that?

This small story was the beautiful cause of my change from a ‘super duper’ shy kid, that would not even be able to sit on a table or bench if a girl was sitting there to someone who loves talking to anyone and everyone and getting to know them on more than just the surface the very first time i meet them! =)

Last quote – “Everyone is approachable”

-Hamza —————————————————->

p.s. check out Arrowsmith Shoes